Current Projects

Digitalisation in Adult and Continuing Education (2019-2021)

ERASMUS+ Strategische Partnership: International and Comparative Studies for Students and Practitioners in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (2018-2021)

Adult and Lifelong Education: Indian and German Insights (Indo-German Partnership) (2016-2020)

Winter School: Comparative Studie in Adult and Lifelong Learning (since 2014) 

Visiting Professorship-Programme at Professorship for Adult and Continuing Education (Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg) (since 2014)

Study Guides in Adult Education (since 2009)

Asia-Europe-Meeting Hub for Lifelong Learning: Professionalisation of Lifelong Learning with a special emphasis on teacher training (since 2007)

Finished Projects

Konturs of Professionalisation in Professional Continuing Education (2016-2018)

ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership: Comparative Studies in Adult and Lifelong Learning (2015-2018)

European Studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education (2013-2016)

Trigger teachers and learners by including new skills and internationalisation in the educational programme for secondary education (2013-2015)

Quality culture through effective instruments for Teachers and trainers (2013-2015)

Evaluation of the Else-Kröner-Forschungskolleg (2014)

Mentoring-to-Teach Project at University of Mainz (2012-2013)

Internationalisation and Mobility in the Students' Curricula (2010-2012)

Student Mobility in Adult Education. Implications for Professional Development (2010-2011)

Learn about Finding Jobs from Digital Storytelling (2008-2010)

History of the professionalisation in adult education: national and international perspectives (2008-2009)

European Master in Adult Education (2004-2007)

Informal learning in companies learning cultures: and intercultural comparison (2004-2007)




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